Your Name Is Limitless: Midwest

Our friend Mike doesn't watch any sort of basketball, but he loves to use stupid systems to pick his NCAA bracket every season. This year, he went with a team's best names. This is simply too good not to post. In the first round, a team's entire roster will be considered. Beyond that, only a team's superstar name (not the same as the name of the team's superstar) will be considered. His analysis follows. Enjoy. (Also, apologies on formatting -- I will try to fix it later.)


1st Round:

Kansas: Brady Morningstar, Mario Chalmers, Chase Buford

Portland: Deonte Huff

Easy choice.

UNLV: Wink Adams, Troy Cage, Rene Rougeau, Mareceo Rutledge

Kent St.: Haminn Quaintance

Damn Haminn is a sweet name. Troy Cage beats sweet, though.

Clemson: Demontez Stitt, Zavier Anderson, K.C. Rivers

Villanova: Dante Cunningham

Vanderbilt: Keegan Bell, Darshawn McClellan, George Drake, Jermaine Beal

Siena: Darius Haddix, Ryan Rossiter

USC: O.J. Mayo, RouSean Cromwell

Kansas St: Clent Stewart

Ovinton J’Anthony.

Wisconsin: Wquinton Smith, Tanner Bronson, Morris Cain

Cal State Fullerton: Marcio Lassiter

Gonzaga: Austin Daye

Davidson: Stephen Rossiter, Can Civi

Can Civi? I don’t know, but I like it.

Georgetown: DaJuan Summers, Austin Freeman

UMBC: Cavell Johnson


2nd Round:

Kansas: Brady Morningstar

UNLV: Troy Cage

Less ostentatious.

Clemson: K.C. Rivers

Siena: Darius Haddix

USC: O.J. Mayo

Wisconsin: Tanner Bronson

Davidson: Can Civi

Georgetown: DaJuan Summers

Sweet 16:

UNLV: Troy Cage

Siena: Darius Haddix

USC: O.J. Mayo

David: Can Civi

Elite 8:

UNLV: Troy Cage

USC: O.J. Mayo

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