Your Name Is Limitless: West

Our friend Mike doesn't watch any sort of basketball, but he loves to use stupid systems to pick his NCAA bracket every season. This year, he went with a team's best names. This is simply too good not to post. In the first round, a team's entire roster will be considered. Beyond that, only a team's superstar name (not the same as the name of the team's superstar) will be considered. His analysis follows. (Also, apologies on formatting -- I will try to fix it later.)


1st Round:

UCLA: Chace Stanback, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Darren Collison

Miss Valley St: Stanford Speech

Chase Stanback wins, as we’re sure it’s a proper name.

BYU: Lamont Morgan Jr., Nick Martineau, Jimmer Fredette

Texas A&M: Andrew Darko, Beau Muhlbach

Drake: Leonard Houston, Kit Avery, Klayton Korver, Tyson Dirks

West Kentucky: Tyrone Brazelton, Desire Gabou, A.J. Slaughter,

A.J. Slaughter.

Connecticut: Jerome Dyson, Donnell Beverly, A.J. Price

San Diego: Trumaine Johnson, Clinton Houston

Purdue: Chad Sutor, Garrett Mocas, Chris Kramer, Tarrance Crump, Keaton Grant

Baylor: Mamadou Diene, LaceDarius Dunn, Tweety Carter

Xavier: Charles Bronson, Adrion Graves, Dante Jackson

Georgia: Troy Brewer, Terrance Woodbury

This was over once I saw Charles Bronson.

West Virginia: Da'Sean Butler, Cam Thoroughman, Cameron Payne, Wellington Smith, Ted Talkington

Arizona: Chase Budinger, Zane Johnson, Jerryd Bayless,

Duke: Lance Thomas, Nolan Smith, Martynas Pocius

Belmont: Shane Dansby, Keaton Belcher,

2nd Round:

UCLA: Chace Stanback

Texas A&M: Beau Muhlbach

W. Kentucky: A.J. Slaughter

San Diego: Clinton Houston

Purdue: Keaton Grant

Xavier: Charles Bronson

West Virginia: Cam Thoroughman / Wellington Smith

Belmont: Shane Dansby

Sweet 16:

UCLA: Chace Stanback

W. Kentucky: A.J. Slaughter

Tough call here.

Xavier: Charles Bronson

West Virginia: Cam Thoroughman / Wellington Smith

Elite 8:

UCLA: Chace Stanback

Xavier: Charles Bronson

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