Your Name Is Limitless: South

Our friend Mike doesn't watch any sort of basketball, but he loves to use stupid systems to pick his NCAA bracket every season. This year, he went with a team's best names. This is simply too good not to post. In the first round, a team's entire roster will be considered. Beyond that, only a team's superstar name (not the same as the name of the team's superstar) will be considered. His analysis follows. (Also, apologies on formatting -- I will try to fix it later.)


1st Round:

Memphis: Chance McGrady, Doneal Mack

Texas Arlington: Dwight Gentry II, Jermaine Griffin, Cardell Hunter, Marquez Haynes, Rog'er Guignard

While Texas has a lot going for it (huge points for the unnecessary and most likely ungrammatical apostrophe in Mr. Guignard’s name), I have to give it to Memphis for Chance McGrady.

Mississippi State: Riley Benock, Kodi Augustus

Oregon: Bryce Taylor, Churchill Odia, LeKendric Longmire

Michigan State: Marquise Gray, Durrell Summers

Temple: Dionte Christmas

Christmas as a last name beats what probably should be a title , both of which would get blown out of the water by Christmas as a first name

Pittsburgh: Keith Benjamin, Cassin Diggs

Oral Roberts: Adam Liberty

Two first names always make for a strong name. Also, after much deliberation, it was decided that the quality of the school’s name should not affect this bracket

Marquette: Dominic James, Lawrence Blackledge, Lazar Hayward

Kentucky: Ramel Bradley

Stanford: Landry Fields, Taj Finger

Cornell: Jason Battle, Adam Gore, Jon Jaques

For some reason, Landry Fields wins

Miami Fla: Eddie Rios, Lance Hurdle, Fabio Nass, Landon Glover, Julian Gamble

St. Mary’s: Tron Smith, Wayne Hunter

Tron is pretty good, but Miami is a juggernaut.

Texas: Alexis Wangmene, Damion James, D.J. Augustin, Harrison Smith, Dexter Pittman, Clint Chapman

Austin Peay: Drake Reed, Todd Babington, Wes Channels, Fernandez Lockett, Duran Roberson

Another tough one, but “Fernandez Lockett” is pretty damn awesome.

2nd Round:

Memphis: Chance McGrady

Miss: Kodi Augustus

Temple: Dionte Christmas

Pitt: Keith Benjamin

Marquette: Lawrence Blackledge

Stanford: Landry Fields

Sounds like cricket.

Miami: Fabio Nass

Austin: Fernandez Lockett

Sweet 16

Memphis: Chance McGrady

Temple: Dionte Christmas

Stanford: Landry Fields

Austin: Fernandez Lockett

Elite 8

Memphis: Chance McGrady

Austin: Fernandez Lockett

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Anonymous said...

I love Mike's method! Finally something about basketball I understand AND that makes me laugh!