Your Name Is Limitless: East

Our friend Mike doesn't watch any sort of basketball, but he loves to use stupid systems to pick his NCAA bracket every season. This year, he went with a team's best names. This is simply too good not to post. In the first round, a team's entire roster will be considered. Beyond that, only a team's superstar name (not the same as the name of the team's superstar) will be considered. His analysis follows. (Also, apologies on formatting -- I will try to fix it later.)


1st Round:

UNC: J.B. Tanner, Wayne Ellington, Surry Wood

MSM: Pierre Brown

Pretty weak showing from Mount Saint Mary’s.

Indiana: Lance Stemler, Jamarcus Ellis

Arkansas: Nate Rakestraw

Lance is kind of a wild card. Stemler pulls it out.

ND: Tyrone Nash, Ty Proffitt, Carleton Scott

GM: Cam Long

Tough decision here. A strong showing from Notre Dame, but I feel that Cam Long has what it takes to go the distance. It’s short, it’s strong, and it rolls off the tongue.

Washington State: Fabian Boeke, Caleb Forrest, Stephen Sauls

Winthrop: Mantoris Robinson, George Valentine


Oklahoma: Longar Longar, Cade Davis, Beau Gerber

St. Joseph’s: Tasheed Carr, Garrett Williamson, Charoy Bentley, Rockwell Moody

It takes a big man to beat Cade Davis, but Rockwell Moody just might be that man.

Louisville: Derrick Caracter, Preston Knowles

Boise State: Kurt Cunningham

Boise got nothing.

Butler: Avery Jukes

S. Alabama: Domonic Tilford, Chip Ivany, Demetric Bennett

Tennessee: Quinn Cannington, Cameron Tatum, Duke Crews

American: Garrison Carr

2nd Round:

UNC: Wayne Ellington

Indiana: Lance Stemler,

George Mason: Cam Long

Winthrop: Mantoris Robinson

St Joe’s: Charoy Bentley / Rockwell Moody (I can’t decide)

Louisville: Derrick Caracter

S. Alabama: Chip Ivany

American: Garrison Carr

Sweet 16:

Indiana: Lance Stemler,

Winthrop: Mantoris Robinson

St. Jospeph’s: Charoy Bentley / Rockwell Moody (I can’t decide)

American: Garrison Carr

Elite 8:

Winthrop: Mantoris Robinson

American: Garrison Carr

Garrison Carr doesn’t just rely on a strong first name, as Mantoris does. He’s got the whole package.

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