There Was a Time We Lived in Truth, Let's Bring it Back

The AP reports that the Jazz have released Derek Fisher from his contract. Apparently Fisher requested to become a free agent in order to "pursue an opportunity to play for a team that is located in a city that can provide the utmost medical facilities for his daughter." At the risk of sounding too selfish during a time when clearly basketball is not the most important issue for this man, I can't help but think that Los Angeles would be on the short list of teams that fit that criteria. Currently his daughter's being treated in New York, so the Knicks or Nets might have a leg up, but I do know from the AP article above that there's a "retinoblastoma program at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles."

I've already expressed my longing to see Fisher back in Purple and Gold once before, so needless to say this news has me a little excited at the possibility of a return. Of all the names floated around (Blake, the Greek, Franchise, etc) to fill our need for a veteran at point guard, Fisher absolutely makes the most sense to me. He knows the system, can still play tough D and hit big shots, has the experience we need, and can help speed the maturation process for our youngsters. I don't want a point thats going to crowd out the development of Jordan or Javaris (I have a hunch that both won't make it through the offseason as a Laker), but one that will be willing to share duties and provide the emotional leadership and toughness we desparately need.

Fisher's always been a class act and I do wish him the best wherever he goes. I'd definitely understand if he chose to take a year to focus on his family, but if he does want to suit up this year, I hope the Lakers fully pursue him with the MLE. I sincerely don't even care if we end up overpaying him or if he's still on the books long after he's lost his effectiveness. I realize this isn't entirely rational, but who said being a sports fan had to be.


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Ben Q. Rock said...

He makes a lot of sense for the Lakers. I'd be surprised if he weren't with them next season.

Ben Q. Rock said...

PS - There might be one less point guard on the Lakers' roster
Javaris Crittendon is wearing Smush Parker's no. 1.

PPS - Blogging with NBA Shooting Stars photos is FD.