Moisturizing My Situation and Preserving My Sexy

Giorgos Printezis probably never expected his $800 suit to be such a big deal, but it has definitely caused a bit of a stir.

The other day I followed a link from True Hoop to an SI article on the 58th pick, which featured a raving endorsement of his fashion sense from none other than P Diddy:

Now this cat I can get down with. He looks like he's about to breeze through a club down in Miami. I love Miami, I record a lot of my music down there. And Miami cats don't wear those fitted caps, this kid knows how to pull the whole look off. That's Bad Boy, baby!

While I could easily picture Diddy refer to a random Greek dude as "Bad Boy, baby!" something about the quote didn't feel quite right. After a little digging (google's an amazing thing) I realized it was because I had seen that quote before, from the hilariously fake Miss Gossip column with Puffy's fashion critique of the draftees. After spending a good 10 minutes trying not to piss myself laughing at the hilarity of SI stealing quotes from an imagined conversation, I decided I needed to create a Fanhouse account and ESPN account for the sole purpose of sharing the awesomeness. Since this, SI has taken down the quote, ran a correction while still refusing to give credit to the original source, and Fanhouse has a post about the dust-up, where we kindly get mentioned. So what we've long suspected is now officially confirmed: Plissken is "P. Diddy's favorite West coast basketball blog." Now if we can just win Mistah FAB's support I'll really be pleased.

(Update: Deadspin has a post up now about this story, as well.)

Totally unrelated note, our fondness for Marco Belinelli is no secret. Now it appears that the youtube awesomeness is no fluke. Unless of course his 37-point explosion today was a fluke. At this point I'm expecting fadeaways from 30 feet. I'm not sure whether to continue being outrageously jealous that the Lakers didn't get him, or absolutely thrilled that he'll be on a team as exciting as the Warriors.

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Miss Gossip said...

Ok, I'll admit the draft day fashion convo was fake, but Puffy REALLY did say that this was his favorite west coast basketblog.