Even the Losers

Who's excited about some ping pong balls? Because our teams aren't playing anymore and we have little else to think about, we sure as shoot are! Anyway, this isn't actually a post about the lottery just yet. I just wanted to share quickly the Lakers trade scenario I've been mulling since May 2nd so you could tear it apart:

Kwame/Lamar for Kirilenko/Fisher/Collins

Why it works (other than Trade Machine telling me it does):
-Immediately upgrades our D at two positions, which should be the focus of off-season moves in my mind
-Gives us the "Fisher-like" player that everyone acknowledges we need in Fisher, making his triumphant return to L.A., who would be able to provide the steadying veteran influence we need at the point, without crowding out the development of Farmar.
-Before getting bumped out of position last year, AK was easily more efficient than Odom. Hopefully Utah keeps in mind how woefully out of place he was throughout the year with career lows in points and rebounding.
-With Deron coming on as one of the best point guards in the league, I'm sure Fisher's contract is looking more and more cumbersome to Utah.
-I would be exccedingly happy with a 5 of Farmar/Kobe/Luke/AK/Mihm with a bench of Fisher/Evans/Vlad/Ronny/Bynum.

Why it doesn't work:
-After Fisher's heroics and AK's resurgence, I'm not sure they can deal either of them anymore. After all, they're in the Western Conference Finals now with a very promising young core. If it ain't broke I guess.
-Fisher's contract is absurd. Good one, Golden State.
-Lamar just went under the knife, so not the greatest trade-bait.
-It really just exacerbates our need to get Kobe a legitimate second option. Oh well, I'm confident he could average 40 with AK patrolling the paint to free him up of his duties on that end.
-As Ty is quick to point out, I didn't consider Utah's needs at all in putting this together. But we would be taking Derek's contract off their hands in exchange for Kwame's expiring 9m, which should count for something, right?
-Update: my friend Ric Golbez adds: "Have they ever had a dark black player or a black player who has 'attitude issues.' Moreover...would they really take two of ours??" A very valid point I failed to consider. The man who created the Black Jesus shirt probably wouldn't work out too well in Utah.

In the absence of a splashy KG/Gasol/O'Neal deal that probably can't happen, I'd be perfectly content with something like this. I'll be checking in with other random unlikely scenarios in the near future, so stick around for that. I'll try better next time.

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kunal said...

are the KG/Gasol/O'neal trades as unlikely as you suggest? what about some other options?

i do have to agree that KG is a long shot...unless he really demands for the trade which he doesnt appear likely to do this summer...but what else is out there?

memphis got shafted in the lottery...which gives gasol even less reason to stay and more reason to adamantly demand a trade. brown/bynum is apparently enough to make the salaries work. a deal involving lamar odom is just not worth it for gasol in my opinion. unfortunately i doubt the grizzlies would be willing to take the radmanovic debacle off the lakers hand considering they have a solid shooter in mike miller. the lakers would then have a lineup of:

PG: farmar/vujacic
SG: kobe
SF: luke/radmanovic/evans
PF: odom/turiaf/cook
C: gasol/mihm

one can only hope the lakers can use their mid-level and maybe even the 19th pick to get maurice williams in FA...or maybe draft acie law to hold down the PG position.

O'neal has a much more difficult salary to move. while he has a stronger defensive presence...his offensive game is questionable given his poor FG %. a trade would require bynum/brown/radmonovic/19th pick to make the money match up...but its hard to see indiana jumping out of their seats for that trade. they would likely want odom or walton...two players that i would be very reluctant to give up. not to mention they would also want to unload a large contract like tinsley's. while that does fill the lakers' need at the point...one has to wonder if his game is worth his salary. an unlikely lineup of:

PG: tinsely/farmar/vujacic
SG: kobe
SF: luke/evans
PF: odom/turiaf/cook
C: o'neal/mihm

looks good on paper...but is at the end of the day very unlikely. one has to think the price tag is much higher for a "franchise" player like o'neal.

there are a few other interesting scenarios to think of. with portland's luck in the lottery...will they be willing to move zach randolph? his defense is suspect...but no one can question his ability to score and rebound. maybe a trade could include a solid PG in jarrett jack.

the lakers might even consider revisiting the jason kidd trade...now that they appear willing to offer up bynum. however, one has to question if an aged PG is worth the investment. a bynum/kwame/farmar trade would likely be what it takes...but how many years does kidd have left in the tank?

there is also the ron artest rumor. ..but to a division rival? he could be phil's dennis rodman for the lakers...and the cost is relatively reasonable at either just kwame or walton...but the risk is pretty high in that you could be taking a player that will destroy the locker room.

lastly, could phoenix be on the move? would they give up marion or amare? and to a division rival at that?

there is just so much to think of...i think the only positive sign is that jerry buss is indeed willing to shop just about everyone on the team except kobe. with bynum on the block there are a lot more opportunities.

oh yeah...and thank god phoenix didnt get the pick from atlanta in the lottery.