Hunted By A Freak

The draft combine numbers came in today, and it's safe to say that Greg Oden graded out fairly well (link also has complete list of results in Excel document). First, he ran the 3/4 court sprint just .07 seconds slower than Oregon point guard Aaron Brooks, who can't be taller than 5-9 (I've stood next to him, and I'm not sure he's even that tall) and gets by primarily because of his speed. Oden also completed the lane agility drill in 11.67 seconds, which comes in .02 faster than Corey Brewer and just .04 slower than best friend Mike Conley. Safe to say, Oden is an athletic monster. I tried to find Amare Stoudemire's combine numbers and failed, but let's assume that Oden's numbers show that he's as athletic as Amare. Combine those talents with Oden's unreal defensive skills and the apparent semblance of a post game, and you have the next great center in the NBA. I am convinced that this man will not fail. I almost expect him to kill someone with a dunk or block.

Kevin Durant did a bit worse than Oden. His sprint and agility times were fairly solid, but definitely not the sorts of numbers you want to see from a prospect of his level. Most troublingly, KD was the only player who lifted not to complete one rep. Now, everyone knows Durant is skinny and needs to put on weight, but, for the love of god, HE COULDN'T COMPLETE ONE REP. That seems like a sign that he'll get pushed around for at least a year whenever he goes inside. Durant should still average 20 ppg as a rookie just on his ridiculous skills, but don't expect any instant savior shit.

I've been falling back on my Warriors posts because of LeBron and the top of the draft, but I'll be back soon with something on GSW in free agency this summer.


Carter Blanchard said...

"I am convinced that this man will not fail." Way to really go against the grain there.

But seriously, I agree. What I think people who write off these results as insignificant (such as the Draft Express folks)are missing is that yes, you can be an athletic freak and suck at basketball, and you can lack athleticism and still be transcendently good. But the fact that we know Oden has the basketball gene in addition to almost unheard of athleticism for someone his size is legitimately terrifying.

Ty Keenan said...

For Oden, not failing means winning no fewer than two championships. It's not like I thought he was gonna take a dump in the key.

This is sad that we're commenting on our own blog.

Carter Blanchard said...

I can see it now, after he wins his first finals MVP in 2010 over Kobe's Bulls, Ty Keenan will be there to say, "See, I told you he'd be good," silencing all the doubters.

And it's only sad if we know it is.