The H Is O

When was the last time someone dominated every offensive possession while only making three field goals?

What would the Cavs look like if they had three guys who could hit open threes, instead of just one in Daniel Gibson?
Looking ahead, I don't know if the Cavs can win more than one game against the Spurs, but I expect LeBron to own Bowen consistently. If LBJ can match Iverson's production in his lone finals, the next series will be a legitimately historic moment in NBA history, yet another signal that this man will own the East for the forseeable future.

As for the Pistons, this seems like the end of their run. The Chuckster just said it right, "they didn't play well in any game." It's a shame to think what they could've been if they'd drafted Carmelo instead of Darko.

At the very least, the finals just became something that needs to be watched, even if the outcome is predictable.

And Reggie Miller talks like a Bill Cosby impression.

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