Welcome to the Terrordome

Plissken at the Buzzer is a basketball blog focusing on the West Coast. We will discuss the Lakers, Warriors, Pac-10, and anything else that strikes our fancy. If that sounds reductive, it’s because it is, but these are the things we’re most qualified to write about and it would be stupid for us to focus on anything else.

Your hosts are Ty Keenan and Carter Blanchard, college recruiters for Indiana Basin Silt College and LaFonte University, respectively. Our name draws from Snake Plissken’s late-game heroics in Escape from LA, the finer of the Escape franchise/bilogy. Our goal is to be the second-best basketball blog in the world.

You may question the smarts of starting a basketball blog just as the seasons of our favorite teams have ended, but we were/are lazy and didn’t get around to it until now. Rest assured, finding topics to discuss will not be a problem. Expect updates this summer on the draft, recruiting, national team stuff (ok, maybe this not so much), and youtube. Lots and lots of youtube.

We believe that basketball matters. Hopefully this blog will help us figure out why.

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