I Will Rearrange Your Scales

Boston and Memphis weren't the only ones who have had to do a lot of soul-searching because of this draft. We here at Plissken have also been forced to face a difficult reality. Back when this blog was in its nascent stages, we made it our goal to focus on all the relevant basketball happening on the left coast. At the time, we assumed that meant discussing the Lakers, Warriors, and the Pac-10. We felt like we could comfortably ignore the Clippers, Kings, Sonics, and Trail Blazers without anyone really noticing our omission.

Now, a full 4 days later, the landscape of West Coast basketball has been totally rearranged, and to claim we were talking about all the basketball that mattered on this side of the Rockies without talking about the Trail Blazers and the Sonics would be impossible. So now do we:

a) Try branching beyond two NBA teams we were raised on respectively
b) Redefine our scope to be CA basketball and continue to rightfully ignore the Clips and Kings existence

I'm personally leaning to option B. Ty seems to prefer A. Likely we'll continue to focus mostly on the NBA teams we know and love best, but continue to discuss anything else going on in the world of basketball that interests us, which from now on will include Portland and Seattle much more frequently than it otherwise would have.

As a side note, anyone who suggests the Trail Blazers trade the pick (I'm looking at you Jon Barry) is a fucking idiot. First off, try coming up with a list of players that you'd sacrifice Oden straight up for. Honestly I'm having a hard time thinking of one. Kobe, Duncan, Garnett would all be tempting, but would you take 5 years of their prime against 10-15 years of Oden's? Even if that were remotely possible I still wouldn't pull the trigger.

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Ben Q. Rock said...

I had to laugh at Jon Barry's suggestion that the Blazers trade their pick. "They don't need to get any younger!" Let me make something clear: the Blazers need to keep that pick about as much ESPN needs to rid itself of Jon Barry. "Bang," as Mike Breen would say -- and frequently does.

As far as the scope of your blog perhaps enlarging, I'd suggest listing tags on the sidebar to make navigation easier. That way, Warriors fans won't have to slog through the occasional Sonics or Lakers post to get to your thoughts on their team. Just a thought.