That's How We Do Here

This week saw two unbelievably amazing Warriors-related videos come our way, and it's quite simply my duty to bring them to you.

First, we have this video of Baron, Stephen Jackson, and Al Harrington dancing to Soulja Boy Tellem. Shoals gave as good a take on the dancing as possible over at FD, saying that "The dance has become a tic, a comforting gesture, a stance." In the comments of that post, rebar makes an excellent point on the non-Soulja part of the video, explaining that Baron has become a combination of seriousness and goofiness that has before now been associated primarily with Agent Zero. Honestly, I don't have much to add to this one -- I just think it needs to be seen by everyone and hope I've touched someone's life.

Henry Abbott put this video up on TrueHoop the other day, but I think the link died, so I'm doing my part here. I really can't discuss this one rationally, so I'll do my best in bullet form:
  • Andris talks about horseshoes like it's a great American pastime. I think I've played it once or twice.
  • Why are they playing horseshoes in the first place? They couldn't just have a roundtable or video game battle?
  • Andris appears to be hosting the game. Apparently they don't put the rookies in the classy part of the resort.
  • The music and video quality makes me think they filmed this one in 1986.
  • Andris: "Marco's on fire." Get used to that one.
  • The Andris narration is fantastic. Sign him up for an audiobook.
  • Kosta Perovic appears to be the best at this game, which makes me think he has no chance of being a serviceable NBA player.
  • Andris: "See, me and Kosta, that's how we do here." I could not have said it better myself.
These videos both make one thing clear: I am very lucky to root for this team.


Trey Jones said...

Baron Davis is the coolest guy ever. The Warriors are like a bunch of dudes that come to the party, flirt with all the girls, do a few dances, and still would be ready for a gang fight at any time. Gotta love that.

stopmikelupica said...

Good lord, Marco really does have Sly Stallone's eyes! He's like Rocky's love child.

Crucifictorious said...

A Warriors post with no update on Boom Dizzle and Teri "Plastic Man" Hatcher? For shame, Ty...

Ty Keenan said...

Trey is absolutely right. I would never not want this team at a party.

SML is also right; Marco really should have played the son in the last Rocky movie.

I refuse to acknowledge the Teri Hatcher business until it starts affecting basketball games. I'd rather not think of her in any situation that does not involve Lois and Clark.

rebar said...

omg, my first mention on a major blog and a truly epic video courtesy of mr keenan.

i think the lore of the warriors goes one step further, they are more than a street gang/part krew. they are some sort of holy crusade of chaos and delight. we must consider each warriors game an artifact to be considered with reverence and joy.

andris can always move into the booth if his jumpshot doesn't work out (methinks horseshoes could have beneficial effects on some strange latvian hookshot). "look, i can throw with my eyes closed" just don't do it for your freethrows, amigo.

the warriors are like some sort of zany fighting game character from mortal kombat or street fighter. they need signature moves, and fast. perhaps baron davis could bang a white girl after every dunk, or matt barnes could start wearing a diamond encrusted crown on the sidelines. frankly, i would encourage it. I LOVE THE WARRIORS SO MUCH. i am also now very intrigued by second rounder stephen lasme.

Anonymous said...