Light to No Coma

We've been pretty poor about posting lately, and for that I apologize. Sadly, this is not a real post, but I did think it important to let people know that we're alive and thinking about basketball. Blame literary theory, if you want a reason for my relative absence. (Carter will have to come up with his own excuse.)

Anyway, Plissken is far from dead; if anything, these next few days/weeks will be a period of great growth for us. We'll be making the two biggest announcements in the short history of our site soon. Believe me when I say that these bits of news are both very important and that we could not be more excited about the prospects that both entail. Unfortunately, I can't go into detail now, but you'll know soon enough.

Have no fear -- we'll be back with real posts shortly. My first one will probably be about the unfortunate Brook Lopez situation, if you want something to look forward to.


Ben Q. Rock said...

I can't wait for this big announcement of yours.

Ben Q. Rock said...

PS - are the people in the picture computer technicians? Because they could also be some team's video coordinators putting together film on the Spurs.

Thanks. Be here all week.

Trey Jones said...

I've been pretty horrible as far as posting myself. Midterms, man, midterms.

Can't wait for this announcement, homey.

Anonymous said...

what is the comment you is to have. i read from russia and it pisskens good.

bathmate said...

I like it !

I feel it !